Land of Chaos Online II Revolution is coming for PRE-ALPHA!

LOCO universe which has been closed in the darkest world for a long time, is now in the awakening!

About the Game

(Return Of LOCO)
Land of Chaos Online II Revolution – is a game developed by only one person with Unreal Engine 4 with high end graphics/performance.
The Action MOBA-RPG game does not only include the basics of any MMO(Massively Multiplayer Online) but it has multiple categories. The game modes players love are all in the pack! Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA), Touchdown, DeathMatch, Infinity Tower, PvP Arena, BattleRoyale and much more!
The RPG part of the game contains a city where you can level up your character, costume and quests to have even more fun with your friends.
Main features of the game modes:
MOBA; You will have the best mechanics you’ve never even seen in any other MOBA! With the Non-Target mechanic you will have no limits on using your 5 abilities chosen out of 10.
Destroy your enemy’s base and gain victory!
TouchDown; 1 Flag and an entire team at your back. Only the fastest and strongest will capture the flag and dominate the enemy base.
DeathMatch; Can you kill without dying? If you think your good at this you will love this mode.
Infinity Tower(Colosseum); Solo or with a party, break your own record with the unlimited tower by killing the monsters that are charging.
PvP Arena; 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, every team is equal, if you don’t concentrate you are considered dead. Choose the right strategy to gain victory.
Battle Royale; The popular genre is now renewed and ready to go! In this mode kill monsters to gain items, if you really want to win find one of the rare monsters, get the item and be the last one standing!

More Details: Lolizen Website